Empower Your Trading Business Success

QuantKey is your premiere source for the information technology services you need to empower your trading vendor business, hedge fund, or advanced individual trading operation to thrive. We help you build, secure, test, deploy, and scale your trading-related analysis, strategies, services, and products, all while helping you maximize your customer engagement, conversion, and retention through superior offerings.


Develop Your Trading Insights

We provide customized, bespoke development of complete trading solutions, expert consulting, and premium-level support services for a full slate of retail trading platforms including NinjaTraderTradeStationSierra Chart, MultiCharts.NETMultiCharts, and eSignal, as well as Interactive Brokers desktop application programming, and for legacy projects, NeoTicker and Open Ecry. We can provide confidential strategy research and private personalized assistance for funds, managers, and advanced individual traders. We specialize in the objective design and implementation of strategic analysis and advanced technical algorithms to provide practical and statistically sound trading insights to both discretionary and systematic traders. Our goal quite simply is to apply the best trading technology possible to get you the results you need to succeed. We also have in-house experience in the design, evaluation and deployment of advanced optimization and data modeling methods as well as how to apply computational intelligence techniques within a sound systematic trading business plan.

For more information, please contact us and let us help you take your system trading to the next level.