High-Quality Real-Time Business Services

QuantKey provides a comprehensive suite of services, designed to integrate together with each other and with your existing business structure, that enable you to protect your Intellectual Property, mitigate software piracy risk, and adeptly manage your subscriptions - maximizing your revenue and minimizing the need for busywork.

Safe & Secure

We can protect your most valuable intellectual property against theft by coding your indicators or strategies in a high-security DLL for distribution to your clients and subscribers, or we can help you protect your IP even more by distributing your live trading signals through our network so your code is never on the client's computers at all.

New: We can supply optional end-to-end encryption to protect your signal distribution against tampering or eavesdropping, and can now provide single nation hosted server solutions for clients with unique data control needs.

Mobile Integration


Coming Soon:


Our upcoming mobile integrations will allow you to send out live trading signals to mobile phones and other portable devices - enabling you to offer a state-of-the-art experience to your customers and investors and maximizing customer engagement and retention. We work hard to make you look good, and are always focused on what we can do to improve.

Protecting Your Investment

We help you safeguard your investment in unique trading indicators and strategies by using industry-leading solutions to manage some of the greatest business risks you face, including software piracy and subscription or free-trial abuse. We help maximize your software investment through efficient cross-platform software development.

Streamlined Support

Optimized to minimize the need for technical support, QuantKey solutions help you minimize common problems and free up your time to focus on building your business. Manage subscriptions across all trading platforms with a single, simple and secure web-based control panel giving you clear business insight in a single view.

Real-Time Data Streaming


We can help you distribute your live trading analysis around the world in milliseconds using our state-of-the-art distribution infrastructure, allowing you to leverage our experience and investments to your advantage and freeing your time to safely focus on what you care about most - building your business. 

Boost Conversion and Retention

With the ability to automate emails for follow-up and routine tasks, we can help you convert leads into sales, and keep the customers you have happy and engaged with your offerings and with your trading approach. We get what's most important to you: Your customer's satisfaction leads directly to your business success.