Our Projects

We are the first company that helps developers, researchers, teachers and bitcoin pioneers that gathered to study and takes maximum advantage of this new disruptive technology.

CoinWallet Project

CoinWallet is a messaging app and wallet built on top of Telegram that has created a cryptocurrency as CryptoCoin.

Crypto Project

Crypto is one of the cryptocurrency’s oldest and most popular podcasts, and for many provided an initial Bitcoin education.

ByCurrency Project

ByCurrency is a site created and run by our community director. It is an all-purpose Counterparty enhancement site.

GetBitcoin Project

The goal of GetBitcoin is to add tools that make use of our inner Bitcoin exchange technology.

CoinExchange Project

CoinExchange is a reward system focused on domain registrars and online service providers such as VPS companies.


CryptoGo si our international online system, which allows users all around the world check cryptocurrency rates.